When it happened

Friday, April 15, 2011

How we got engaged

Her Story:

Rodney was coming over but I decided to make a quick phone call to a real estate agent about a house that was built for me. Okay, that's an exaggeration but it's BLUE so it's perfect. lol. Anyway, I'm on the phone when Rodney shows up. I hand him a love note I had written for him the night before because my thoughts were racing and the only way I can sleep sometimes is to get them all out on paper. He reads it, smiles at me, then he writes his own note and leaves. The agent talks and talks then I finally get to hang up and read the note.

"Wait here. Don't leave the den. Await my text. No peeking out the window either. Love you =)"

Thank God the agent was long-winded because as most of you know, I'm a surprise spoiler. If I hadn't been on the phone, there's no way I would have had the patience to wait around for the text and I probably would have ruined the whole thing.

The text came and gave me permission to go to my car. I got to the driver's side and there was a piece of paper taped to the window with a big "C" on it that said "For Chrissy M. Lott" and the bottom. I didn't get a picture of it because I didn't know what it was. I opened it and thus began the greatest scavenger hunt and most romantic proposal of my life...

I called Rodney, as per instructed, only to realize I was going the wrong way in my excitement. The clue was leading me to a park we frequent.

When I got there, this is what I found:

This one led to Grassy Pond. By this time, I'm crying. I forgot to call until I was mostly there so Rodney starts freaking out and telling me to slow down and only drive 5 MPH. He finally gives me the go-ahead and I find this:

The swing got changed to the pier since it was empty. The pier had rose petals around a bench and another note taped to the bench.

As I was sitting, I heard Train playing from behind me. We don't just have a song. We have a band. Hey, Soul Sister gets louder and Rodney emerges with the last clue taped to his chest.

He explained how he didn't play Marry Me because he didn't think Train should ask the most important question, that he wanted to do it himself. He had a whole speech about things related to "T" such as Train and time and changing my last name and it was all super sweet but I don't remember much because we were both freaking out. (lol) Then he got down on one knee and proposed with a GORGEOUS blue topaz ring. (A. I hate diamonds. B. I love blue.)
It was perfect, just like him.

"Happily ever after to follow."

His Story:

Chapter 1: Anticipation

I woke up early that morning with butterflies in my stomach. Though I had been planning my proposal for weeks, anything could change in an instant depending on the environment. It was just turning 10am when I rushed out to my jeep in my PJ’s after slipping on my pair of old man shoes (house slippers).  I drove out to Lake Park, to scope the locations and determined all things were clear. Once I returned to the house, my paranoia was hitting an all time high, I was positive I would forget something vital.


Chapter 2: Precision

After checking, double checking, and triple checking for all the necessary items, I was finally confident that I could successfully pull this operation off. Written notes containing elements of clues and passion; check! Adhesive tape; check! Cell phone for contact purposes and to pull off the grand finale; check! Ring… due to all the excitement I nearly left the house without it! With that said, I suppose that means I actually quadruple checked before leaving.

The drive from my house to hers felt like the longest drive on earth, then again that may be due to me driving at 2mph. I pull into her front yard, my heart racing at a million miles a minute. I see the front door is already open for me, so I decide against planting my first note/clue until a better opportunity arises. I step inside to be greeted by her grandparents who inform that she’s in the back of the house near her bedroom. As I approached her I noticed she was on the phone, she was in mid-conversation with a Realtor when she handed me a note.  I had never read something so sweet, written specifically for me. The personalized letter was so heartfelt, that it caused instant inspiration.


Chapter 3: Execution

I shot my blushing fiancé to be a smile, and quickly gathered up a pencil and paper and jotted a down a few instructions, “Wait here. Don't leave the den. Await my text. No peeking out the window either. Love you =)”. Before she could fully comprehend my actions I was out the door, in and out of my jeep and at her driver side window with the first clue/note in hand accompanied by the adhesive tape in the other. Within seconds the note was attached to her vehicle and I was racing out of her driveway to the next location. Knowing Chrissy, she would disregard the request at the end of the note to “Call me BEFORE leaving” so I knew my time was limited. I arrive at the 1st location, a park that we’ve had our eyes on for some time, conveniently located across from Grassy Ponds (where we had our first date/picnic). I arrive in the park to see what was once quite and deserted, was actually full of child and adults celebrating a birthday party. Luckily I found the perfect place to set the note without interfering with the children’s party yards away. After taping the 2nd note to the park’s welcome sign, I received a call from Chrissy who said she was on her way, a bit of panic rushed through me until she clarified that she was accidentally going the wrong way. I knew then that I had more time to work with, that was a huge relief because I did not factor in how long it would take to set up the finale.

I began my journey to Grassy Ponds still on the phone with Chrissy, who was extremely resilient to get off the phone with me due to her overpowering excitement. But eventually, I convinced her that if I was going to dazzle her, she had to let me set up the big surprised. Before I hung up though, I mentioned repeatedly for her to CALL ME BEFORE LEAVING the next site… I should have known better lol. As I pulled into Grassy Ponds I took notice to how peaceful the surroundings where, I began to admire nature which was a mistake because I was inevitably wasting precious time.


Chapter 4: Shock & Awe

I surveyed the landscape shortly and started setting up the grand finale! After taping the 3rd and final note to the back of my jeep down near the shore line, I made my way up the dock and began to spread rose petals. I left a handmade sigh reading “RESERVED for Chrissy M. Lott” on one of the benches when my phone started to go off. I answered happily seeing that it was Chrissy, thinking she was at the park following my note’s instructions. That’s when I turned and to my left I could see her blue Yaris out in the distance. My heart stopped! I immediately told her to drive at snail speed, and proceeded to distract her by jokingly stating, “Why didn’t you call BEFORE leaving?” She told me in her cutest tone that she was excited and took off before she realized that she wasn’t suppose to leave right away. I ran up the dock, with my last note and tape in hand looking for the nearest tree to hide behind.


Chapter 5: The Grand Finale

There I stood, arched behind a tree. I say arched because the tree itself was growing at an extremely angle that twisted upward to the left. I carefully taped a giant “T” to my chest, without making too much movement. I pulled my phone back out and set the ringtone “Hey Soul Sister” by Train on repeat, and turned the volume up as loud as it would go. My heart began to flutter, and knees grew weak as I walked to the dock. I was holding my phone high into the air blaring the ringtone that has great significance in both of our lives. As I stepped onto the dock, with a grin covering my face, that’s when Chrissy turned around. The wind blew softly, and the sun shone through the clouds for a few moments, just long enough to accent her beauty as I approached her. I sat next to her on the bench, shaking with excitement, tears of joy filling my eyes. Each note she found on her scavenger hunt had a reference to one of her initials. “C” was the first clue, “M” was the second, and of course “L” was the third. But under the giant “T” that was taped to my chest bore the words, “For the future Mrs. Tyson”. Once I was situated and the ringtone had run its course, I began the hardest speech in my entire life. The words came naturally, but I was short of breath the entire time!


Chapter 6: The Proposal

“If I had to replace the “L” in your initials with any other letter, it would have to be with the letter “T”. Now “T” could stand for “Tyson”; it could also stand for “Train”! But for me, words like “thoughtful” and “thankful” come to mind, because I am thankful that you came into my life. “T” also represents “Time”, because I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I brought you out here today to play ‘Marry Me’ by our band, but I thought to myself, “Why would I let Train ask the most important question of my life for me?”

That’s when the moment came that would change both of our lives forever. I took her by the hand, got down on one knee, and said “Chrissy, will you marry me?”

Before she could answer, a smile crossed her face that gave away her answer before she ever had a chance to verbalize it. I pulled out a white gold ring, with a sky blue Topaz stone as the centerpiece with diamond accents, it twinkled in the sunlight and that’s when I saw her face turn from bliss to pure excitement lol. She looked me in the eyes and said, “Yes! Of course I’ll marry you”, as I slipped the ring onto her finger. She kissed me as I stood back up and we both took a deep breath, and shared a few laughs as we sat there basking in bliss. It was an absolutely perfect moment.


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